Agri Product
Handle for some of the largest AGRI PRODUCT importers Product range: DOC, milk, soy bean, corn, egg, wheat, etc Horticultural products are subjected to increasing regulations Minimizing demurrage and storage are key issues Quarantine inspection Jakarta and Surabaya clearance Air clearance of Day Old Chicks
The 2nd largest supermarket chain in Indonesia with over 83 stores Fruit & perishable logistic service Quota application Custom clearance & haulage service Acting as buying agent and product sourcing service
Custom Broker of Phillips Lighting for many years Even helped processed Tax Return filing Consistently meet the KPI targets Big volume shipments Also handled many other Chinese lighting products
Coordination with Logitech’s warehouse in Singapore Coordination of pre shipment inspection. Pilferage prevention is a major issue  Long supply chain with port of discharge at Semarang.  Trade facilitation involving providing importer on record. 
Siemens has long been an integral part of Indonesia’s technological and economic development, especially in the Industry, Energy and Healthcare Sectors. In 2009, Siemens celebrated the 100th anniversary marking the opening of its first office in Indonesia. Today, around one-sixth of the power consumed in Indonesia is generated, transmitted, and distributed with Siemens technology. With more than 3000 employees in Indonesia, Siemens continues to provide the country with innovative technologies and solutions in the fields of energy, environment, healthcare, productivity, mobility, safety and security. In energy sector, Siemens has been a major provider of large power transformers to backbone grids. Alpha Pacific Transportation Group was appointed by Siemens in handling mining & state-owned power plant projects in various locations : - GI Kesugihan (New Rawalo) Cilacap - GI Simangkuk 500 KVS - GI Seputih Banyak Lampung KV150 - GI Bontang - Simpang Haru Padang Tower - GI Ungaran - Cikarang Site Project Alpha Pacific Transportation Group has to ensure that the projects carried out must also meet many aspects, such as the right timing, safety, performance, and other on-site services that may occured. The work has already begun, even before the project started. Various on-site field surveys were carried out to note proper treatments needed for many off-size and bulky equipments. The scope of works include pre-work surveys, full trucking coordination, equipments packing, grounding, and layout deliveries. To conduct this, a wide range of heavy duty vehicles were used (such as forklifts, cranes, telescopic cranes, low-batt & excel trucks). While carrying out these assignments, many issues were faced, ranging from tight deadlines, complex on-site coordinations, unpredictable weathers, challenging terrains, to coordinating with various government authorities. It is suffice to note, that Alpha Pacific Transportation Group full coordination with various parties in these projects has indeed, assist Siemens in completing the construction & installation of many critical power plant projects throughout Indonesia.
The international freight and logistic service provider, Alpha Pacific Transportation Group, has been awarded a contract renewal from the Royal Dutch Shell plc. Alpha Pacific was appointed as the sole provider of logistic services for the Shell’s Petrol Distribution Division in Indonesia. The contract covers custom clearance and warehousing of all materials needed for the construction of Shell Petrol Retail outlets in Indonesia, while at the same time, Alpha Pacific has also been entrusted with ex-work operations from some overseas origins. In order to be eligible to bid for the contract, Alpha Pacific had to go through a series of assessments from Shell Indonesia, including meeting the Health Safety Security & Environment (HSSE) standards. Beginning from 2005, the fuel distribution market in Indonesia was opened up for foreign players. Shell Indonesia started the operation of its first fuel retail outlet in August 2005 in Karawaci, Tangerang. Shell is currently the largest foreign-owned fuel station operators in Indonesia - with ten outlets, and there are many more stations in the pipeline. As a global group of petrochemical companies that explores, produces, and trades in a range of energy resources, Shell has now become one of the largest private sector energy corporations in the world. Currently, Shell is active in more than 130 countries and territories, with global networks of more than 40,000 petrol stations, and 108,000 people employed worldwide. History of Shell in Indonesia Shell's historical links with Indonesia is strong, in fact the origin of the oil industry in Indonesia and those of what subsequently became the Royal Dutch/Shell Group are closely connected. The discovery of commercial quantities of crude oil in North Sumatra in 1885 had led directly to the formation of Royal-Dutch Petroleum. It is suffice to note, that Alpha Pacific Transportation Group full coordination with various parties in these projects has indeed, assist Shell in completing the construction & installation of many critical power plant projects throughout Indonesia.
LNG Tangguh
Natural Gas is a very important element of the world’s energy mix and is used both as fuel as well as raw material in manufacturing of chemical. With oil supply becoming harder and more expensive to find and extract, the role of natural gas has grown significantly in recent years. LNG offers an energy density comparable to Petrol and diesel, but produces less pollution. In order to transport the gas extracted, it has to be turned into liquid form and thus the term Liquefied Natural Gas or more commonly known as LNG. Indonesia is one of the places where natural gas can be found in abundance. One of the latest natural gas project is LNG Tangguh, in Bintuni Bay, Papua – around 7 hour flight from Jakarta. Tangguh LNG, is currently a huge undertaking by the Indonesian government that will involve the tapping of around 14.4 trillion cubic feet of clean gas. The land acquired for the project facility measures at 3,200 hectares, much of which will remain a ‘green zone’. When fully operational, the facility will be maintained by a workforce of 500 people. Alpha Pacific Transportation Group played an important role in the early development stage of the LNG Tangguh project. It operated 2 multi-purpose vessels from the very initial stage of the development, where infrastructure hardly existed. The vessels plied between Merak and the remote Bintuni Bay for nearly 3 years. The two 10,000 DWT vessels carried constructions materials and equipments, ranging from cement to concrete piles, big construction cranes, fuel trucks, bulldozer, excavators to giant rolls of steel coils and steel pipes. No voyage was ever the same and every voyage was always a new challenge, requiring all the company’s 25 year experience. It is an accomplishment that the group is proud to be part of and an experience that we can share for the benefit of all our customers.
Apple Computer’s logo is probably one of the most unique and easily recognizeable in the world. Its products certainly “the coolest”, with the iPhone being one of the most coveted product in the world. Indonesia is not excluded – this was evidenced by the long queue to obtain the first iPhone when it was first available in Indonesia. In the past Apple was always perceived as product for the professionals thus it appealed only to a smaller number of customers. However since the introduction of Imac, MacBook, iPod and of course iPhone – Apple is now one of the most popular consumer product. The change in its target customer requires a change in distribution strategy. Whereas in the past there were only a few specialized distributors, there are now more and more outlets of Premium Apple Resellers in big cities of Indonesia, each with its own segment of  retail customers. Every store has their own specific request on how to bring their shipments to Indonesia. Every product and type is shipped differently, resulted in an explosion of Purchase Orders permutation request to Apple Distribution Center. Regulation in loading port requires that Apple traces each and everyone of the shipments to make sure that they have been exported. Monitoring and tracking the shipments were creating a lot of pressure on the Apple’s logistic department. Alpha Pacific Transport Group with their partner in Singapore IM Freight System, armed with the understanding of what priorities there are for the Indonesian importers and the compliance requirement of Apple Computers was able to come up with a satisfactory solution for both Apple and their Indonesian distributors. The scope of work includes receiving various shipments from Apple DC, picks and packs the numerous SKU of products, arranging delivery to various parties who are involved down the supply chain in Singapore as well as Indonesia.  In many instances, the job involves obtaining various licenses required by the authority, clearing customs and delivery to the retail outlets across Indonesia.  Carrying out this project requires delicate balancing the "non-negotiable requirements" from various government authorities with the demand of delivering the product in timely manner. Once again our ability to combine adherence to international working standard and local flexibility has proven to be a value to customers.