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Siemens has long been an integral part of Indonesia’s technological and economic development, especially in the Industry, Energy and Healthcare Sectors. In 2009, Siemens celebrated the 100th anniversary marking the opening of its first office in Indonesia. Today, around one-sixth of the power consumed in Indonesia is generated, transmitted, and distributed with Siemens technology.

With more than 3000 employees in Indonesia, Siemens continues to provide the country with innovative technologies and solutions in the fields of energy, environment, healthcare, productivity, mobility, safety and security. In energy sector, Siemens has been a major provider of large power transformers to backbone grids.

Alpha Pacific Transportation Group was appointed by Siemens in handling mining & state-owned power plant projects in various locations :

- GI Kesugihan (New Rawalo) Cilacap

- GI Simangkuk 500 KV

- GI Seputih Banyak Lampung KV150

- GI Bontang

- Simpang Haru Padang Tower

- GI Ungaran

- Cikarang Site Project

Alpha Pacific Transportation Group has to ensure that the projects carried out must also meet many aspects, such as the right timing, safety, performance, and other on-site services that may occured. The work has already begun, even before the project started. Various on-site field surveys were carried out to note proper treatments needed for many off-size and bulky equipments.

The scope of works include pre-work surveys, full trucking coordination, equipments packing, grounding, and layout deliveries. To conduct this, a wide range of heavy duty vehicles were used (such as forklifts, cranes, telescopic cranes, low-batt & excel trucks).

While carrying out these assignments, many issues were faced, ranging from tight deadlines, complex on-site coordinations, unpredictable weathers, challenging terrains, to coordinating with various government authorities.

It is suffice to note, that Alpha Pacific Transportation Group full coordination with various parties in these projects has indeed, assist Siemens in completing the construction & installation of many critical power plant projects throughout Indonesia.

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