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LNG Tangguh

Natural Gas is a very important element of the world’s energy mix and is used both as fuel as well as raw material in manufacturing of chemical.

With oil supply becoming harder and more expensive to find and extract, the role of natural gas has grown significantly in recent years. LNG offers an energy density comparable to Petrol and diesel, but produces less pollution.

In order to transport the gas extracted, it has to be turned into liquid form and thus the term Liquefied Natural Gas or more commonly known as LNG.

Indonesia is one of the places where natural gas can be found in abundance. One of the latest natural gas project is LNG Tangguh, in Bintuni Bay, Papua – around 7 hour flight from Jakarta.

Tangguh LNG, is currently a huge undertaking by the Indonesian government that will involve the tapping of around 14.4 trillion cubic feet of clean gas. The land acquired for the project facility measures at 3,200 hectares, much of which will remain a ‘green zone’. When fully operational, the facility will be maintained by a workforce of 500 people.

Alpha Pacific Transportation Group played an important role in the early development stage of the LNG Tangguh project. It operated 2 multi-purpose vessels from the very initial stage of the development, where infrastructure hardly existed.

The vessels plied between Merak and the remote Bintuni Bay for nearly 3 years. The two 10,000 DWT vessels carried constructions materials and equipments, ranging from cement to concrete piles, big construction cranes, fuel trucks, bulldozer, excavators to giant rolls of steel coils and steel pipes. No voyage was ever the same and every voyage was always a new challenge, requiring all the company’s 25 year experience.

It is an accomplishment that the group is proud to be part of and an experience that we can share for the benefit of all our customers.

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