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With a population of over 235 million people that spread over more than 17,000 islands across a distance of 5,000 kilometres, Indonesia represents a tremendous  market for air travel. The airline industry in Indonesia was one of the first to be liberalized in Asia. Since the opening up of the market, passenger traffic has been exploding – breaking record number year after year. 

Currently there are on average, 1,600 domestic flights/day, 30 different domestic carriers, using nearly 450 airports, competing for an estimated 34 million passengers per year. This is up from 6.4 million in 1999, before the market was opened up. It is predicted that there would be 54 million domestic air travelers by 2010.

Recently Lion Air, the largest among the new carriers was the first airline in the world to take delivery of Boeing’s  new 737-900 ER, Lion Air is expected to take delivery of total 100 Boeing 737-900 in the next 3 years. It is reported that there are currently more than 150 new planes from Boeing & Airbus on order by the Indonesian airlines.

So, Alpha Pacific Transportation Group was very excited when we managed to secure air shipments of jet engine for repair from some of these new airlines. So far we have handled increasing number of  shipments; each one specific in nature and fragile in their own way.

It all started with an order from Lion Air for shipment of Boeing 737  jet engine to Singapore, then followed  2nd and 3rdfrom 2 different airlines for their CFM-56 jet engine to Brussel and Amsterdam, each weighing over 10,000 lbs volumetrically.

Later it was even more challenging when we  were asked to ship part of an airplane wing, body and spare parts from the port of Makassar to Jakarta and then onto Singapore. This shipment was more difficult as it involves heavy lifting equipment and the use of low bed truck to coordinate from another island onto a ship, then transfer to Jakarta port before it was then sent to Jakarta airport.

We should all be proud that we have been  handled all these shipments smoothly and these results would not have been possible if it were not for the relentless effort from our 2 sales persons, Mr. Martin Kurniawan and Ms.Mustika Hendra, not to mention the cooperation from all Phoenix team in Jakarta and Phoenix offices in destinations.     

We are confident that the air travel market in Indonesia will continue to grow and the experience from   handling these highly sensitive shipments will enhance Alpha Pacific Transportation Group’s  reputation in Indonesia and ensuring a brighter future for the organization and the team.



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