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Apple Computer’s logo is probably one of the most unique and easily recognizeable in the world. Its products certainly “the coolest”, with the iPhone being one of the most coveted product in the world. Indonesia is not excluded – this was evidenced by the long queue to obtain the first iPhone when it was first available in Indonesia.

In the past Apple was always perceived as product for the professionals thus it appealed only to a smaller number of customers. However since the introduction of Imac, MacBook, iPod and of course iPhone – Apple is now one of the most popular consumer product.

The change in its target customer requires a change in distribution strategy. Whereas in the past there were only a few specialized distributors, there are now more and more outlets of Premium Apple Resellers in big cities of Indonesia, each with its own segment of  retail customers.

Every store has their own specific request on how to bring their shipments to Indonesia. Every product and type is shipped differently, resulted in an explosion of Purchase Orders permutation request to Apple Distribution Center.

Regulation in loading port requires that Apple traces each and everyone of the shipments to make sure that they have been exported. Monitoring and tracking the shipments were creating a lot of pressure on the Apple’s logistic department.

Alpha Pacific Transport Group with their partner in Singapore IM Freight System, armed with the understanding of what priorities there are for the Indonesian importers and the compliance requirement of Apple Computers was able to come up with a satisfactory solution for both Apple and their Indonesian distributors.

The scope of work includes receiving various shipments from Apple DC, picks and packs the numerous SKU of products, arranging delivery to various parties who are involved down the supply chain in Singapore as well as Indonesia.  In many instances, the job involves obtaining various licenses required by the authority, clearing customs and delivery to the retail outlets across Indonesia. 

Carrying out this project requires delicate balancing the "non-negotiable requirements" from various government authorities with the demand of delivering the product in timely manner.

Once again our ability to combine adherence to international working standard and local flexibility has proven to be a value to customers.

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